What is a Black Girl?

What is a black girl? Now, I know a million things came into mind. Was it loud, rude and angry?  I mean this is the image that society has planted into our minds; however, if it was not that, you are woke and you must keep reading… To me, a black woman is one of […]

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The Black Rainbow

I know this is called for coloured girls but I would like to talk about everybody that is silenced in society. This is my essay on black homosexual men and why it is more difficult for them in society .

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Dear Wypipo

Racism is over There is no such thing as racism Don’t blame me for what my ancestors did All lives matter – Said wypipo. Please excuse my french, but this is the type of bullshit that a person who is in a position of power, but doesn’t seem to know it will say. In other […]

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